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Neelamperoor Patayani
Sep 19 , 2017 - Sep 19 , 2017
Location: Kerala »  Alappuzha » Neelamperoor
Festival Details

The grand Padayani Festival is celebrated on the Pooram day in the Malayalam month of Chingam. The festival is mainly celebrated in the state of Kerela. The Palli Bhagavathy temple in the beautiful village Neelamperoor in Alappuzha, is beautifully decorated for the festive celebrations.

Neelamperoor Patayani is a spectacular event . The word Patayani literally means rows of army. Though patayani is performed in number of other temples in Kerala, the one held at Neelamperoor is entirely different from others. What makes the festival special in Neelamperoor is the grand procession carrying effigies of mythological characters. These effigies are prepared at local level by the artists of the state, who engage in these preparations months before the festival.

This display of wan effigies is termed as “Annam Kettu”. The procession carrying these effigies is normally organized in nights. Many tourists and visitors gather here during the festival celebrations and have a remarkable experience of Indian culture and traditions.

Kettukazhcha, display of deftly decorated effigies, is what makes this festival stand out. Massive effigies of swans and other legendary characters are brought in procession. At night the ambience is set by a colourful procession carrying the effigies of mythological characters like Bhima, Ravana, and Yakshi.

The festival of Neelamperoor Pooram Padayani is organized every year around the festival of Onam in the month of September. It is held at the: Palli Bhagavathy Temple at Neelamperoor (Alappuzha district), 16 km away from Kottayam

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