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Peruvanam Pooram
Apr 05 , 2017 - Apr 09 , 2017
Location: Kerala »  Kerala » Peruvanam Pooram,Thrissur
Festival Details

Peruvanam Pooram is one of the most popular temple festivals of  Kerala. It is held at Peruvanam Temple in Cherpu, Thrissur District. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of this temple.

The deity of the Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple does not participate in the pooram, and is a silent spectator to the proceedings, just like Thrissur Vadakkumnathan. The participation is limited to temples with Devi and Sastha as the primary deities. It is said that the festival used to witness participation from 108 temples. Presently, the festivities consist of processions (called "Ezhunnallippu") from about 23 temples.

The Peruvanam pooram is known for its grandeur, and its strict adherence to rituals. The Pandi and Panchari melams played here are of the highest standards. The Panchari melams of Urakam Devi temple and the Cherpu Bhagavathy Temple, are amongst the finest performed, with the latter being the more famous. The :"Peruvanam Nadavazhi "is the venue for the finest processions/melams, the construction of which is in such a manner that it forms a natural theater for the percussion performances.

n the festival, the procession carrying the deity atop a caparisoned elephant along with six other jumbos accompanied by traditional percussion ensembles is a real treat for the eyes and ears. One of the highlights of the pooram is the four-hour long panchari melam (traditional Kerala percussion ensemble) starting past midnight and followed by fireworks.

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