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IndianEvents.org provides sustainability services to the Public, Business and Government entities. The website based on Cochin aims at providing information from the grass-root level.

IndianEvents.org is very keen in gathering information related to events, meetings, exhibitions, comments and launching of new products in India. With our in-depth knowledge of several states in India and our experience in organizing itineraries and tours throughout the countries, we execute flawless and memorable information regarding the events in India.

IndianEvents.org helps you to highlight your Events/Expo`s beforehand with a vast publicity. Write-ups with attractive captions are the salient features of IndianEvents.org. You can also achieve old Indian Events and Expo`s with photographs and comments from celebrities and other personnel.

Our website is a platform wherein you can also upload innovative ideas. This also acts as a substitute for press-release thereby helping them contribute and showcase your personal products as well as ideas. Information possessing Festivals and other social gatherings are also a part of IndianEvents.org.

The integrity of IndianEvents.org name along with a diverse team of experts has enabled us to forge unique business relationships that bring you exceptional value and a high level of personalized service.

IndianEvents.org Offers:


IndianEvents.org helps you to get World-Wide publicity for your Events and Expo`s. The upcoming Events/Expo`s in India are highlighted to its doom beforehand. Even Local programs and public gatherings in each and every state of India, get an opportunity to be renowned to the outside world. This helps you to reveal the motto and nature of the Event/Expo`s in India. You can even achieve old events with photographs. A thorough feedback on the Past Event/Expo`s of India can be analyzed through the same. You can retrieve data`s from pigmy to giant level. Vast coverage with posts, queries and comments are added in this. You get an overall preview of the function held and other upcoming functions.


IndianEvents.org provides you with Launching of new commodities in any part of India. You can provide as many information regarding the product in this. A good coverage of the product with its photograph and other contents can be showcased here. We provide a platform for launching innovative ideas. You get a chance for presenting your goods and services where even Medias fail to facilitate. This space is liable to Individuals, Companies, Firms or any other establishment. We join hands with Medias too.


IndianEvents.org presents Press-Release. Vast news coverage from Press-releases is available in this site. News with its related photographs adds to its quality. Local news pertaining from even Lower-Primary classes is highlighted here. This helps in promoting backward areas and generating attentions from Government entities for further developments.

Even if a person wishes to advertise or reveal his personal ideas, he/she can utilize this site. This is actually a universal platform with grass-root touch.

You can even post your comments and queries to this site.


IndianEvents.org offers information on various festivals throughout the country. India is a country with varied culture and customs and this richness is always reflected in its festivals too.

The festivals, its relevance and other facts related to it can be accessed in this site. It covers information from the nook and corner of the Country. Photographs can also be included to attract more attention. This helps the outside world to know more about the culture and civilization of India.

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