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Jagoinvestor Investors Bootcamp
Jan 12 , 2014 - Apr 08 , 2014
Location: All over India »  All over India » India
Event Info
Jagoinvestor Investors Bootcamp will be held on 12 Jan to 8 April 2014.
What is Investors Bootcamp ?
Jagoinvestor Bootcamps is a life changing experience for investors. For 6 weeks, investors who are waiting for doing something concrete in their financial life come together and work on their financial life with help of Jagoinvestor Team on facebook group. Each Week – one area of their financial life is taken and whole group work for the whole week investors work on that area of their financial life. 
A group structure helps them to learn from each other’s financial life, get accountable to their promises made on bootcamp group. The interactions are rich in nature and deeply meaningful for everyone. If you have been waiting for long time to improve your financial life, its a great way to work on your financial life. Its much powerful than a financial plan because of group structure.
What Bootcamp Graduate's Have to Say about Bootcamp
"Its going to be a million dollar worth asset for You"
I heard all the 10 audios .Really am speechless when i want to thank you guys for those wonderful audios.If i say your audios are excellent,amazing,marvellous then those words would be the least meant for admiring your words in those audios.I dont think simply you guys are doing your work since we paid.Your words are something beyond that.It shows the real meaning of humanity.It makes me to realise your bond towards the society.
As u said in your audios,you are SERVING us by making ourselves to realise the importance of SLOWNNESS,to be OUTCOME centric,to focus on NETWORTH,to concentrate on what MATTERS,how to CREATE,necessity of COMMITMENT,the vision of BIG game,mindset of playing to WIN,the need of ZERO tolerance I don know how many times am going to hear your audios again and again.I wont stop till i get the complete fruit out of it.Surely i could say these audios are going to be a game changer in my life.I like to thank Nandish and Manish for the quality of their work which helps for the persons like me to grow in their lives.
FOR MORE DETAILS, CONTACT http://www.jagoinvestor.com/
Posted By : Editor

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